Snow feelings

Behind the scenes of the greatest Italian winter event for university students.


Snowbreak was born in 2006 from mutual interests from different players operating in Piedmont Alps. After the conclusion of Turin XX Olympic Winter Games, the mayorship of Sestriere was looking for some great events to not lose her local attractiveness; otherwise, Cento&Venti was looking for a new mountain town to move her little snow event during Milan December holidays and change it into the first winter event for Italian university people. During its first 5 years, Snowbreak grew with number of participants and awareness not only in Milan: but it needed more. It was necessary increasing markups, monitoring some cost items and introducing new functional policies to operating team in order to achieve economic planning on budget and guarantee sustainability to the event in the long term. It needed a brilliant project manager. Client: Cento&Venti, Milan


Sunrise Tag set 4 operative guidelines for a couple of years (2010-11) in which was chosen as project leader of Snowbreak. We created a brand new budget sheet, pointing out cost centers, setting cost limits to every project unit and implementing tools to monitor day-by-day status of booking reservations. The pricing model and the event calendar were renewed, balancing sports, relax, music and dance moments with branded content offered by international event sponsors (Vodafone, Malibu, Fiat Freestyle Team, Red Bull, Asahi, Colmar, Chupa Chups). Great work was done also in booking music celebrities for line-up in Snowbreak nights: Skin from Skunk Anansie, Louie Vega, Peanut from Kaiser Chiefs and Cassius were some of international dj guests. Snowbreak brand proposition was enhanced thanks to creative concept “Feel this snow” expressed in commercial video clips, new logotype and referred campaigns. Several aspects of project management were focused on digital: every team member worked only on Podio collaborative platform avoid useless emails. The booking system admitted online payments and an iPad app was introduced for leads generation during promotional tour in Italian universities. Last but not least, Sunrise Tag did a huge work to build network with local partners – not only hotels, but also shop union, ski slopes owner and ski schools – and increase profits connected to Snowbreak in the whole Sestriere area.



“After I’ve attended, collaborated with all the possible and presumable snow-events, I can definitely affirm that Snowbreak is much more than one step ahead from its competitors. Full of energy! Thanks to everyone, see you next year” – Marco J. R., a satisfied participant


  • Support
  • Young
  • Engage
  • Speak
  • Control
  • Develop
  • Present

Quick summary

  • People2236 participants in 7 hotel (2011 ed.)
  • ROI400k budget to admin
  • SAVED3,5 months to organize everything
  • People63% of participants is 18-24 yo
  • ROI42 days to sold out the event
  • Plus+260% likes on FB in last 2 years
  • ROI2700 skipass sold in 4 days (2011 ed.)
  • People153 staff people
  • ROI20 italian universities hosted the tour

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