When Autumn leaves, with Autumn leaves

Living Autumn before leaving it.


When we started to think about our new venture called ‘Giovami’, we thought it would have been necessary engaging as much as possible young people. Many of us didn’t know what Giovami would have become in 2010, but everyone felt like shouting to the city what was inside this great cultural project. Organizing an event to present Giovami to Milan young people, trying to make discover its brand new philosophy and approach… No time and no budget to launch a huge promotion, but we couldn’t do nothing before the year went off. We needed to begin telling a story, and we made use of the autumnal season for talking about a new friend in town, who knows how to have fun, never being banal but curious: he doesn't restrict to see, he tries to understand what’s around him.


Living Autumn’s night had to create live and concretely the atmosphere of what would have become a website for increasing young people in their cultural consumption. One of its main feature is the width of range of cultural events submitted, so the event was marked out with a long list of young artists that expressed their art: live painting, photo exhibits and live shows by musicians with a taste of autumn in their veins, like Brown and The Leaves, Jackeyed, Noise Under Dreaming and Hanna-Maaria Tuomela. The countdown for the event was communicated with a true advent calendar, which day-by-day revealed some content details of the special evening of the last autumn day. People needed to register in order to receive info about the secret place of the event (Spazio Eventi Sagsa, a modern design space in Navigli area): with a simple mobile ticketing and the self-scanning at the entrance everyone could taste another feature of next Giovami.



Living Autumn was really amazing. The limited means revealed themselves a great strong point, because the location’s atmosphere was definitely fantastic. What you can do with a couple of little lights…! - emmepunto, one of the protagonists


  • Support
  • Young
  • Engage
  • Speak
  • Control
  • Develop
  • Present

Quick summary

  • People300+ total participants
  • People19 different artists involved
  • ROI400 square metres as location
  • Plus5 hours of non-stop show
  • People20cm of snow that helped the organization
  • SAVED<1,5k€ available for budgeting
  • People24 staff people

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