Vitality in everyday’s work

When a classic Open Day becomes a great Family Day. Even in factories.


In 2010, Unilever Italy’s HR management decided to start from its factory in Sanguinetto, near Verona, with a format in which passion, transparency, participation and energy could become the real mirror of the brand’s soul and every employee could be proud of the activity of his own company, bringing his own family to discover the factory for a special occasion like an open day. There were several needs expressed from Unilever at the briefing time. First of all, the internal community empowerment: the aim of these open days is to increase sociality among colleagues and respective families. Then, focus on the discovery tour: one of the milestones to achieve this aim is represented by number of reservations for the guided tours inside the factory, where everything starts from, explaining work techniques and product secrets. Furthermore, Unilever needs to spread a sustainable message, following international sustainability frameworks, also with the help of suppliers sensitive to the subject. So the event design is all around this sustainable idea, from materials to games prizes, from printings to waste recovery. The workplace is indeed a welcome place, not only for employees: every family has to know that his father, son or brother is part of a structured and winning team. Client: Cento&Venti, Milan


We started considering something that isn’t so obvious for event managers: our location was a huge industrial factory, with all pro and cons. Everyday somebody uses one of Unilever’s brands for food, personal care or homecare, however maybe nobody has entered in her heart of production, and maybe has ever entered in a factory, without having any idea of all the safety instructions to follow in these cases. We had to match weather forecasts, local safety policies and all scheduled times of the assembly lines in order to transform that site in a true location, new both for employees and for their families. We hardly worked with the temporary Unilever event-dedicated team to establish every activity connected with brand experience: informations about Unilever international goals and global sustainability plan, creative ideas to play some funny branded games using Unilever products and promotional messages to engage community in event participation. We balanced this with the request to produce a sustainable event at most in every single choice, from catering menu to contest prizes and gadgets.



After Sanguinetto’s event, Unilever’s Family Day format has reached other Italian factories, like Casalpusterlengo, near Milan, working on economies of scale but customizing many activities according to local context and timing: focus on precise sub-categories and brands, importance of green areas, tutorials about Unilever products’ use.


  • Support
  • Young
  • Engage
  • Speak
  • Control
  • Develop
  • Present

Quick summary

  • People500+ participants
  • ROI70k avg budget for one-day event
  • Plus3 Italian editions for Unilever
  • People10hrs non-stop activities
  • People25 discovery factory tours planned
  • People36 staff people
  • ROI400 sqm for placing the tensile structure
  • Plus100% positive follow-up with new budgets after event
  • People78% of participants said event was great
  • SAVED800 gadgets made with recycled material

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