Manufacture my convention

Worldwide works directors meet in Rome for just 48 hours: it’s a matter of details.


Since few years, in Unilever, "ManEx Team” (Manufacturing Excellence Team) gathers some of most important Unilever works directors for strategic meetings and company updates. Sometimes it happens some directors don’t know new colleagues and that’s also why a convention needs to be organized in comfortable and productive contexts. In 2012, Unilever Italy had the commitment to organize an annual meeting in Rome: there were 40+ country managers from all five continents. Brief made emerge it needed a professional planner for managing all arrival and departure flights, finding a strategic hotel accommodation to allow the scheduled activities and smart transfers to and from Rome. Last but not least, Unilever Italy wanted to offer “more” to its international colleagues, creating a 2-days calendar for visiting Rome in a different way. Italians had to do it better, once more. Client: Cento&Venti, Milan


We received our assignment one month before the event, but communicating with 40 different worldwide direction assistants in order to understand exact times of directors’ flights took really much time, and one week before the event we had 15% participants not confirmed, yet. 3 staff people coordinated Unilever’s requests with logistics in a particular city like Rome. We attended every participant with a smart transfer mechanism, matching flights and provenance countries. We also looked after every single detail about rooms requests, food intolerances for cocktails and dinners and technical equipment in meeting rooms, preparing in case of emergency more than requested items. However, the right move was to set up just one but real premium activity for Unilever directors: with few time, we preferred not to waste time in boring classic sightseeing of Rome, selecting an exclusive private guided visit to Ara Pacis with dinner included.



“I just left before official ending of group meeting, but I really appreciated the shiny and fertile atmosphere in Rome. Thanks to everyone in event staff, you rocked also with my flight change! On my plane I thought about also another fact: nobody knew Ara Pacis but everyone loved that special activity in Rome. Looking forward to come back in Rome!” - J. H., one of the participants


  • Support
  • Young
  • Engage
  • Speak
  • Control
  • Develop
  • Present

Quick summary

  • People40+ participants
  • People5 provenance continents
  • ROI10k avg budget
  • People3 people in administrative office
  • SAVED15 days to setup all the event
  • People20 hrs of planned activities in 2,5 days

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