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We've never understood why in Italy culture and young people cannot speak the same language, and in 2009 we wanted to do something big to explore this topic. It’s the birth of Giovami, a startup whom purpose is to increase cultural consumption among young people. It plays as intermediary able to create awareness among users re the cultural resource: its work starts from pre-event selection, improving the experience lived by consumer and enhancing sociality between users, offering tools for word-of-mouse. Giovami starts from the “culturEvolution” manifesto which tries to fight against some urban legends we listen everyday: young people don’t go for culture and culture is not fun. So here it comes a brand new proposal to encourage and boost cultural consumption among young people through the powerful combination of a new loyalty model, a new communication scheme and a new technological instrument. Sounds impossible? It did to us too.


There are several technological choices that followed through the project development. First of all, the concept of showcase and agenda merged into a new dynamic one, in order to manage our daily overload of informations also in free time. Powered by an innovative algorithm, Giovami delivers to user a list of cultural events sorted by his tastes, his friends’ influence and his effective participation. Moreover, a loyalty system uses gamification’s elements to provide some bonuses to most active users. Mobile becomes the new entrance ticket, with the technology that allows identification, check-in and real-time update: for cultural world it’s a revolution. Last but not least, we built a coalition network that gathers different cultural players, building synergies in data monitoring, designing user’s behaviours in his free time and improving product offering of the cultural partner. After the 8-months beta release, completely bootstrapped, nowadays our web platform is no more available to public, because of expensive structure costs. We’re looking for some new partners and investors and in the meanwhile we continue working about a new release to improve even much more user experience in the phases of selection, purchase, post-purchase of any cultural event in the city.



“Every generation is convinced to be more intelligent and wiser than the previous one. Ennio Flaiano said about young people that “they’ve got only others’ courage”, but maybe he and the intellectuals of his time didn’t ever imagine that social networks could revolution the communication world, influencing the way of being of new generations. Usually, fathers teach to sons. It can happen the contrary, only when world radically changes. Giovami’s platform starts from this standard change for creating not only a knowledge container, but also an experience aggregator for living art, music, theatre, literature and generally culture and entertainment.” - Giuseppe M., journalist in his article written on Data Manager


  • Support
  • Young
  • Engage
  • Speak
  • Control
  • Develop
  • Present

Quick summary

  • People5k+ beta users in 8 months
  • ROI250+ events in 8 months
  • Plus45 cultural players involved in the Milan area
  • ROI976€ average collection increase for every box-office
  • People12 staff people for 1st beta version
  • SAVED20k avg project cost completely bootstrapped for startup

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